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Tape and Fill

Tape and fill service involves the application of the joint compounds to cover and smooth over seams and nail or screw holes in drywall installations. It’s an essential step in achieving a smooth and professional finish.

Tape & Fill Services

+ All Levels 1-5 Finishing to Meet Standards

+ Beads, Trim, and Accessories

+ Conseal and Spraytex

Service Details

All Levels 1-5 Finishing to Meet Standards: Drywall finishing is typically categorized into five levels of smoothness, with Level 5 being the highest. We offer finishing services to meet all levels of smoothness as required by our clients.

Beads, Trim, and Accessories: We install various beads, trims, and accessories to enhance the look of walls and ceilings, such as corner beads, archways, and soffits.


Conseal and Spraytex: We use texture and spray techniques to create various finishes such as orange peel, knockdown, and popcorn, among others. Our experts use high-quality materials and equipment to ensure the best results.

Don’t let uneven walls ruin the appearance of your property. Our skilled technicians provide all levels of finishing to meet standards and deliver seamless walls. Contact us now to schedule your Tape and Fill service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The tape and fill process is a crucial step in finishing drywall seams and joints. It involves applying joint compound and tape to create a smooth and seamless surface.

Tape and fill is necessary to hide the joints and seams between drywall panels, creating a continuous and smooth surface for painting or other wall treatments.

You’ll need joint compound, drywall tape (paper or mesh), putty knives, a mud pan, sandpaper, and safety equipment like a dust mask and goggles.

It’s recommended to use specifically designed joint compound for taping and filling, as it’s formulated for this purpose and provides a better finish


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