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SAFETY IS THE key point for horizon
Horizon Drywall

Dedication to Safety

For us, safety is not just a priority; it’s a fundamental value shaping every decision. We foster a workplace culture that values care and respect, extending our commitment to safety to our team, their families, clients, and communities. This commitment is integral to every aspect of our operations, aiming for zero incidents.

Ensuring Workplace Safety

Our team is the backbone of our company, and safeguarding their well-being, particularly on the job site, is our top priority. We offer top-notch training, equipment, and unwavering support to guarantee their safety.”

Commitment to Ongoing Enhancement

We relentlessly enhance our safety protocols by forging innovative partnerships, rigorous training, strategic hiring, educational investments, and industry-leading certifications. We aspire to be an employer that our team takes pride in.

Conduct Meetings with Employees

Toolbox meetings serve as a reminder for instilling health and safety measures to workers and observe them all day. A ten-minute toolbox briefing makes employees develop a positive vibe and deliver while keeping in mind safety measures. 

Collective Commitment

Our safety program’s triumph is a collective endeavor. Our devoted team, coupled with steadfast management, a robust HSE system, and a dedicated in-house safety officer, works cohesively. They guarantee that our sites adhere to the latest safety guidelines and documentation, implement best safety practices, and stay current with evolving safety regulations.